Tyler Wain
Product Designer

myRollCall Platform

myRollCall is an event platform for organizers to create events and manage reunions. I was responsible for the platforms interface, both in design and front-end code.


myRollCall was created to empower event organizers. The cloud-based tool was initially targeted at alumni event organizers but expanded to an all-in-one tool for organizers of all event types.

product design. ux. front-end development. visual design.

myrollcall hero

An Austin-based event coordinator was tired of using multiple applications to plan a single event. One app was used for ticketing. Another for handling payments. Facebook was used to keep track of friends. Complicated Excel spreadsheets were used to track expenses.

myRollCall's mission was to centralize all activities and processes under one platform, making it easy for organizers to delegate tasks and efficiently manage events of any size.